5 Uses for a Heavy Hauler

5 Uses for a Heavy Hauler

Today we’re going to discuss the most common uses of a heavy hauler. However, let us first go over exactly what a heavy hauler is specifically. Heavy haulers are typically nothing more than flatbed trailers on multiple wheels. Usually 18-28 wheels on average. These flatbed trailers are usually hauled by a tractor unit, and it’s not uncommon for these units to haul loads up to 30 tons. The term “H-Hauler” is another term used to refer to a more overhead version of hauling. It’s referred to as a method to haul heavy builders material to work sites by plane, such as to mining or construction dumps, of up to 400 tonnes.

Probably the most populated way for bigger national businesses to handle all of their shipping needs is by hauling shipment companies. Have you ever seen the big rigs on the freeway with the huge flatbed attached and a company logo on the side of the trailer? These guys are most likely hauling freight shipments for another company. Another reason this method is popular is because a lot of freight management companies operate all days of the week, and on holidays.

So we’ve discussed the fact that the majority of businesses use semi trailers for their shipping needs, but what about smaller businesses? How do they use haulers? For one, haulers come in different sizes. Smaller businesses may not even use haulers for shipping purposes. What about a towing business? These businesses often use haulers for their business needs. How else are they going to pull a 3 ton truck deserted on the side of the road, with a rope? I think not.

There are quite a few jobs where one may be required to own a hauler or trailer. Another way haulers are used are by construction workers or landscapers. Some of these workers are carrying a few thousand pounds to each of their job sites, and more than just an F-150 is required.

How about the way animals are traveled and sold by and to multiple produce and agricultural companies. Do you think that these guys ride their horses across the country? Nope, this isn’t the 1800’s. But they do use freight haulers. A lot of them even use their haulers locally from one city to another.

Air Freight
Remember I mentioned above how sometimes the term H-Hauler is used for Air freighting and logistics, well this is true. This method is often used by businesses and private militant groups to covertly ship, and to expedite shipping. Although the most expensive method, it guarantees shipments 25 times faster then your traditional semi-truck.