5 Uses for Photographic Prints

5 Uses for Photographic Prints

When looking to add personality and whimsy to your home, it is fun to add touches that will truly who you are. When it comes to interior design trends, there are generally two styles. The first will include seasonal trends you will change from time to time, and the other items are concepts that will remain in fashion, regardless of the time of year. It is always best to have a mix of both in the room you are looking to add flare.

One of the best ways to show off who you are or whom you love is to include photographic prints in you design scheme. We all have 100’s of photos on our smartphones and computers that are waiting to inspire us. It is an economical way to add pizazz to the favorite areas of your home since you can use an online service to print out your photos for mere pennies.

This list will motivate you to start using your prints in ways you never imagined to add flare to your much-loved spaces.

5 ways to start decorating with photos

  1. A magnetic wall calendar is a way to keep organized while looking at photos the make you smile. All you will need is markers and glue that are photo safe and 31 of your favorite pictures, and of course available space on your fridge. You can add a pocket on the back to put index cards in, so you can make notes about your activities for the day.
  1. A picture frame made from the stylish tape that is now available can add a punch of color and personality anywhere you would like. Use landscape and portrait orientations, along with different sizes, shapes, and colors in your pics to add drama.
  1. Photo suckers are a cute idea to use in an expensive vase. Buy a few large round suckers and cut the photographic prints to fit, leaving about a half inch for your border, then glue them on. Add some real or silk flowers and use as a quirky centerpiece.
  1. Add pictures to the back panels of a bookshelf to show off your photos in a new way. You can make a collage or order your prints online to ensure a perfect fit.
  1. Make a creative photo hanger with extra holiday lights to add dimension to any area of your home. You can use clothespins or make frames with felt and ribbon to hang your photos.

If you are looking for ideas for great DIY projects, photos are a wonderful addition to any design. You can use your memories to create keepsakes you will be proud to display for years to come.