Adding Beautiful Art to your Home

Adding Beautiful Art to your Home

Your home is the one place where you are supposed to feel comfortable. This is where you recede back to after a day of hard work and stressful routines. As such, you need to make it look appealing. Plain walls are boring to look at. However, by hanging photo pop art, portraits, framed photos and murals you are able to bring life to your living room. Images of sceneries like oceans, beaches and other aspects of nature also make for ideal art decorations for your home. Read on for more ideas on using beautiful pieces of art to decorate your home.

Oil paintings on canvas

These are available from art galleries and other shops that deal with interior decorations. Such paintings are of different sizes. An oil painting can be in abstract or real form. Abstract paintings are those where the artist has used color, line and form in order to come up with an image that has no relation to real things. Determine the size and number of pieces you will need. Oil paintings can also be bought online.

Scenic images

Like it has been mentioned at the onset of this article, scenic images are those photos taken from places like beaches, gardens, mountains and so on. With these you can create different moods in your house. Oceanic sceneries are particularly good for bringing out a feeling of calmness. If you are wondering where to start looking for such photos, rummage through some old calendars and you might just find one that has them. The internet is also another source. Browse through the categories you want and print them.

Collectible pieces of art

There are some art pieces that will make any room look elegant. Good examples include carved wild animals, wooden eggs, baseball bats and helmets, designer rugs and sports jerseys. There is so much to choose from. Your taste and the kind of theme you would like to create come into play here. Map out the different places where each of these objects will be placed.

Tips on adding the pieces of art

  • In order to accessorize your home systematically, make sure you buy items in sets of odd numbers.
  • When hanging paintings or other framed art pieces, pay attention to their proportions. For example, you should hang a long picture frame next to a short or medium sized one.
  • Use a spirit level to keep them perpendicular to the floor and level with the ceiling. Select a desirable height where one does not have to strain in order to take in the view.
  • Keep items that are made from the same material together. For instance glass should be combined with glass. Same case applies for metallic and ceramic objects.