Being an Artist and Maintaining a Steady Income

Being an Artist and Maintaining a Steady Income

An artist uses his talent to create pieces of art that he sells to the public. He may require some raw materials such as canvas, wood frames, paint and paint brushes. He also needs working space. Before you can get a place to work and display your work, you can start by working in the backyard, an unused shed or garage.  Any section of your will be most ideal. With the work ready, the challenge comes in selling the work. How do you get to display it? How will art enthusiasts know that you have a piece they like? What would it cost to rent shop space?  These are some of the questions that will go through your mind.

Art galleries

Take a few samples of your work and present them to an art gallery near your home. Proprietors of these galleries like to work with accomplished artists. You will need to convince them of your abilities and commitment. An astute art lover can tell apart the work of an amateur and a professional. With your work portfolio, you should also have some presentation skills. Besides that, you need an understanding on how art lovers think and what they like.

Arts communities

Visit the Art Council offices in your city. Register as a new local artist. Get to know when and where events are being held. Attend them and showcase your work. Print a few business cards that you can distribute to the people you meet. Exchange contacts with other artists. Keep in touch with them on a frequent basis. Find out what challenges they are facing and how they sell their work. Join an arts community group on social media. Upload a portfolio of your work and share it with others. Participate in online discussions as well as commenting on other people’s artwork.

Local charities

By joining a charitable course, you are utilizing the opportunity to give back something to the people. You can volunteer to teach art to children or offer your best work as a prize for a fundraising event. Work with a charity whose line of work blends with the kind or artwork you specialize in. Offer to paint a mural or create a sculpture at their offices. Donors who interact with the organization will take an interest and inquire about you.

Selling art online

If you have funds you can set up a website where you can display your work, prize and sell it. However, this is way too much for an artist who has just joined the industry. Shop around for websites that allow you to sell artwork. Visit a few websites and find out what they require of you. You can also get in touch with providers of online marketing solutions.