Crazy things you didn’t know you could do with a Sandblaster

Crazy things you didn’t know you could do with a Sandblaster

Everyone knows the effective way that sandblasting can clean away paint, rust and other residue; however did you know about all the creative and crazy ways that some people use this method. There are many artists and sculptors who regularly use the method to create unique pieces of art. Additionally, it can be used to make logo signs and other etched items as well.

Using Sandblasting to Decorate Glass

Those in the decorative glass business probably know all the wonderful effects created by sandblasting. While many artists still use the traditional hand-etching method, it is much more time consuming and expensive than the sandblasting method. Also, laser-etching is also used by some; however there is a larger chance of flaws with this method. When it comes to decorating glass with a sandblaster, there are two methods that are typically used:

  1. Etching
  2. Carving

When an artist uses sandblasting to create etchings, the chosen abrasive is lightly propelled toward the glass surface, which turns the surface semi-opaque. This method is often referred to as “whiting” or “snowing.” It is a great method to produce words or images effectively. Additionally, if you wish to create different shades on the glass surface, you can simply adjust the angle at which the abrasive is launched at the glass. This can help create truly unique works of art. Peening in Indianapolis is a popular way to create amazing art pieces.

Glass carving, on the other hand, is done by projecting a steady flow of abrasive material through a stencil on the glass surface. The stencil prevents any over spray and will keep the carving to a certain area. This method is able to be manipulated in many different ways by simply changing or adjusting the depth and angle of the cuts. This can help create truly beautiful pieces of art, as well.

When it comes to purchasing the equipment that is needed to create these works of art, the cost is dependent on the scope of the work you wish to do. A small setup will be relatively inexpensive, however as your project goals become larger, so will your costs for equipment. However, if you can learn to use and manipulate this equipment your options are unlimited.

No matter what you use sandblasting for it is essential to use the proper safety measures to ensure that you do not encounter any health issues later on, as the dust particles can cause serious lung damage. Using this method can be an extremely effective way to create unique pieces of art and sculpture that cannot be duplicated. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve will determine the type of material you use in your sandblaster.