Denied for SSD or SSI Benefits-We Can Help?

Denied for SSD or SSI Benefits-We Can Help?

Have you recently been denied for social security benefits? Don’t be discouraged with a denial letter, they are all too common. Most people find that the first application that they file they are turned down for SSD or SSI benefits. The important thing is to keep appealing and getting your case reviewed. Just because you were not successful in the first couple attempts doesn’t mean you won’t have a positive outcome.

Most states give 60 days after a denial for the applicant to appeal. This is done by filing a form that is called a Request for Reconsideration. This is the next step in the process and will get the entire application reviewed again. Typically we see that these applications oftentimes get denied again. The reason is the same decision board that denied the application in the first place is the one that reviews it yet again. The agency has 90 days from the filing of this application to give an answer on the reconsideration.

Once you receive a denial from the Reconsideration board, you can request a hearing in front of a judge. This will escalate the claim from the state level and it will place the decision in the hands of the Social Security Administration. With this level of appeals you will get your day in court. The hearing will be administered by a Law Judge and the case will be judged under the federal laws. The good thing about an escalation to this level is that the prior decisions that have been made have no bearing on this court and their decision making process.

To get your hearing date may take anywhere from six months to two years. Wait times depend on where you live and how backed up the docket is with other cases. During this waiting period if anything new should arise, or you need to add additional information to your claim you can do so. Social Security Disability and the laws that govern it are very difficult to understand for the common person. If you have been denied benefits, it is important to get an attorney involved early on in the case. Those who get an attorney have a higher rate of having their claim approved than those who try to go it on their own.

A Social Security attorney is well versed in all aspects of SSD and SSI. Rather than wasting time and precious money trying to get your claim approved on your own, why not let a professional handle it? If you are tired of fighting to get your benefits and you need your disability income, turn to a lawyer that will make sure your case is top priority. Click now for more information.