Designing an English Country Kitchen

Designing an English Country Kitchen

Wherever you are in the world, there are certain interior design classics which will always be a hit. The English country kitchen is one of these home design staples. Charming, timeless and homely, this is the perfect family kitchen, and is surprisingly easy to recreate. If you want to give your home an oasis of gorgeous English charm, read on to find out how you can achieve this look.

Firstly, in English kitchens, wood is the predominant material. You won’t see a lot of sleek metal or glass cabinets here. Instead, opt for oaks, pines and walnuts for a truly traditional look. It’s best to continue the theme of the wood throughout the furniture, though a few mismatched statement pieces can look attractive, such as a vintage breakfast table. Make sure the wood isn’t too dark, or it will make the kitchen look smaller and less inviting.

The colours in country kitchens tend to be muted pastels or earthy colours. If you want to keep it fairly neutral, go for ochres and olive greens, or for something lighter and cuter, macaroon-inspired pastels can look fantastic. Don’t go for the exact same shade throughout, and try to find variations on a couple of colours for something which looks more relaxed and filled with character.

English country kitchens tend to focus on a large range style cooker. These tend to be double the size of normal stoves, so are fantastic for preparing a meal for the entire family when they’ve returned from their country walk. Lots of these kitchens might also have a fireplace on one wall, but if yours doesn’t turn it into a focal point with a cabinet topped with some interesting trinkets and vintage ornaments.

When it comes to flooring, steer clear of lino and instead go for solid wooden flooring or fired terracotta tiles. These should have a matt finish to prevent them from being slippery. Don’t worry if you’ve chosen to include green in your colour scheme, as the reddish-brown terracotta tiles go surprisingly well with earthy, muted greens.

If you have space, a breakfast table surrounded with dining chairs can be a splendid addition to the kitchen. These chairs don’t necessarily need to match, but you could link them together with some pretty matching cushions which tie in with the colour scheme. Always include fresh flowers or potted herbs in your kitchen as a finishing touch, and don’t forget to make it really cosy and homely with lots of pictures of the family and children’s artwork.