Dishwashers: They Really Do Make Your Life Much Easier

Dishwashers: They Really Do Make Your Life Much Easier

It is time to add some magic to your kitchen to make your life so much easier, especially when it comes to dealing with dirty dishes and wine glasses.

The task that terrifies me the most in the kitchen is not cooking but the one subsequent to that. It is the herculean task of washing dishes, especially after a huge dinner party. The moment I see a pile of unwashed vessels I wish for a genie to swoop in and clean them up in minutes. This was what led to my decision to invest in a dishwasher. A dishwasher is an appliance used to wash dishes and cutlery.  You open the drop down door, load the dishwasher with the cutlery, vessels, pans and plates and leave it to work its magic. The detergent is added in a tray which is mixed with water and used to clean the pots and pans. It dries the items within so you get clean vessels ready for use. The settings panel works on touch system which allows the user to choose the temperature of water, set the timer, and select a wash program. It also has a child lock option to prevent your child from getting hurt or tampering with the unit.  When the washing cycle is complete, you hear a beep, indicating the machine is ready for another load or to be switched off. There is a built in electronic fault indicator in case of any repairs.

The size of built- in dishwashers varies from 18 inches to 24 inches in breadth. I use one of the Fisher and Paykel dishwashers made of stainless steel.  They are quite spacious; I can fit upto 16″ plates and it blends into my kitchen décor. Going by the amount of washing i do, I chose a single drawer dishwasher. There are double drawer dishwashers as well, suitable for large families or those who entertained often. With 9 wash programs to choose from, the dishwasher does not make too much noise nor does it require constant attention. Since it comes fitted with a cutlery basket and knife clip, it makes it easy to sort through the items when emptying the washer. I was able to clean wine glasses with no fear of them breaking.

The portable free standing dishwasher is so convenient to use and we can take it with us when we move houses. It requires no special plumbing; I have placed it near the kitchen sink, connected a pipe to the tap and it is all set. If your kitchen is compact like ours, you can use the top of the dishwasher as a counter top.

Dishwashers are such a boon, they make the one time consuming task a breeze. Not only are they efficient but make sure to keep the dishes bacteria free and squeaky clean for instant use.

Bring home a dishwasher and resume those lavish parties with a smile!