Get the Cleanest and Closest Shave One Can Get

Get the Cleanest and Closest Shave One Can Get

A lot of men get up every morning, hop out of their bed, apply some shaving foam on their faces, and start scraping away their face hair using a multi-blade shaver. There’s nothing very wrong with this regime. Not until one realizes the hundreds of dollars being spent on a lifetime of blade refills.

The straight razor shaving provides the easiest, cleanest, and closest shave one can have. Many men worry that they’ll greatly scar themselves if they opt to use a straight razor. It’s true that one must be rather cautious and careful when first learning how to make use of a straight razor. However, when one has become an adept user, the chance of getting hurt shouldn’t be a big problem anymore.

Two New Operations of a Straight Razor

Caring for a straight razor means comprehending two operations called stropping and honing. The first operation known as stropping is the procedure of keeping the razor sharp by using a leather strop. Just strop as fast as needed to maintain the blade sharp. However, when stropping no longer makes the blade sharp, then it’s time to hone the blade back to an extreme cutting edge.

Reasons Why Straight Razor Shaving is better

Nevertheless, barbers nowadays still utilize straight razors, and numerous men are going back to their gramp shaving habits. So what are the reasons why many men choose straight razor?

1. It offers close shave and gives that baby smooth feeling.
2. It causes less skin irritation since it reduces the quantity of passes needed to shave.
3. If utilized in the right manner, straight razors are very safe to use.

Tips in Using Straight Razor

Certain straight razor blades require using some hair conditioner or pre-shaving product to aid exfoliate the skin and make the beard softer prior to actual shaving. After shower, strop the razor, have a face cloth to clean up spills during shaving and keep in mind to take time during the initial few months of shaving in order to observe proper techniques and improve them throughout each future shave.

Shaving soaps and creams are extremely important to having a good shave using a straight razor. Don’t, under any condition, use conventional shaving gel or foam that is frequently used with a safety or disposable. These deliver little to no skin defense when utilizing a straight razor and makes an even grander mess during and after shaving. The cream is intended to give the skin nourishment and play as a barrier in between the razors edge and the skin.

Experiment with adding little amount of water on the face once shaving gel or cream has been applied. Too much water can make the cream or gel run thin, thus, it will not give an effective barrier for the skin, and this may lead to skin irritation or damage.

If you want a baby smooth shear, then there’s no better way to have it than beginning to use a straight razor.