Lost My Job and Filed for Disability

Lost My Job and Filed for Disability

An injury at work can render you disabled and unable to continue working. This can put you in a very awkward position where you are no longer able to fend for your family. Under such circumstances, you can get a reprieve by filing for social security disability benefits. This requires you to fill some forms provided by the SSA (Social Security Authority). Upon submission of these forms, you are supposed to attach copies of medical reports from the doctor who attended to you. The report is meant to convince the SSA staff that you are no longer capable of working like there before. Sadly, 75 percent of such applications are denied.

Here are tips on how to file for disability after losing your job:

Eligibility for social security disability

Even though one is eligible as soon as disability occurs, the benefits accrue six months later. If your earnings are above $500 every month, you do not qualify for this benefit. Otherwise, you need to call the SSA offices in order to obtain an application form.  You are also supposed to provide copies of medical and lab reports, W-2 form, a social security card and a birth certificate. If you do not have the originals, certified copies will do.

Authority to contact your health care provider

In your application, you should indicate the condition you are suffering from. State how it renders you incapable of working.  For the application to be eligible, your condition should render you inactive for at least a year. The SSA should have express permission from you authorizing them to contact the hospitals, doctors and physicians who have been attending to you. Now, be prepared to give additional medical information as requested.

The SSA decision

Once you have filed an application, give it some time. The SSA will get in touch with health personnel, contact you repeatedly and seek for clarification. After a while, they will give you a response. Upon approval, you will get a letter stating the amount you are entitled to receive. There are also details on when the payments are set to begin. On the contrary, it may be a denial. If so, your letter gives the reasons behind that decision. You will also be informed on how to lodge an appeal.

Lodging an appeal

The best way to face an appeal is by hiring an Atlanta disability lawyer. Such a professional is conversant with the workings of the SSA. He/she knows where to look for concrete information to support your claim. Social disability lawyers will push for more information from doctors. At the same time, he/she is able to assess the provided reports for completeness. During the hearing, lawyers cross-examine officers appointed by the court to give an opinion about your condition.