Managing Your Link Profile

Managing Your Link Profile

Link building is a critical task towards driving website traffic and thus requires Orangesoda local internet marketing approach. Link building is a time consuming and tedious task and must be professionally conducted by experts only because there are several factors that have to be considered when building links and these include;

Domain diversity
Search engines mathematical algorithms work by analyzing domain diversity from inbound links in order for the search engine to compute page rank of a web page. Due to this, it is proper to establish links from various domains rather than a single domain. For instance, obtaining ten links from ten domains will not assist the web page to rank ten times as much.

Page context
Context is regarded as primary key when it comes to link building. The websites content plays a very crucial role when it comes to link valuation. Links that come from web pages with information similar to your own website have often proved to be very valuable. For instance, if you sell used motor vehicles online, links from vehicle spare part shops website are more important compared to links coming from unrelated websites such as a computer shop.

External VS internal Link
External links are known to come from external sources and they are likely to bring in more business leads compared to internal links that come from the same domain. For instance, there are links generated within the same website let’s say “about US” page to “client’s” own page. However, internal links are also still very important because they comprises of rich SEO values

Anchor text
This is basically the text that is normally used to link to a certain web page. Often the keyword that has been used within the anchor text is beneficial towards enhancing the underlying page rank for that specific keyword. Rather than using phrases such as “this page” as the websites anchor text, it is advisable to use a more meaningful word.

When using anchor texts it is also advisable to refrain from common SEO practices such as overusing certain words within a webpage because the main goal with link building is to establish some sorts of profile that blends naturally with the website. Research from credible sources has even indicated that not every web audience links with keywords supplied and this implies that some diversity needs to be incorporated.

Orangesoda local internet marketing boasts of industry certified web experts who will assist your company to naturally manage your link profile in a prudent manner. These experts are recommendable because in cases of suspicious link profile your company website is likely to be penalized by major search engines such as Google and your page can be removed completely from search results listings.
Some of the concepts that can be followed to effectively manage links include;

Nofollow Tag
This particular tag enables search engines to follow the specified link and this also implies that no page rank is transferred to the underlying page illegally. For instance, Google has redirected web experts to add the nofollow tag to paid links because these paid links violate Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Disavow Tool
This particular tool can be used to ignore certain links that point to your website. The tool can also be used to recover from the penguin updates