Onesies: The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Wardrobe Item

Onesies are being called the ultimate mother-daughter wardrobe item, and with good reason. They’ve been around for seemingly forever. Onesies is actually a reference to the trademark brand name of infant bodysuits as designed by the Gerber Products Company’s Gerber Childrenswear. Onesies have gotten so popular that not only infants wear them—adults have gotten in on the action. Onesies can also be casual and loose-fitting jumpsuits for adults, usually constructed out of knit cotton. Are they really a great bonding item for mothers and daughters? Let’s find out.

Lion Onesies

Lion onesies are quite a sight to behold—imagine someone dressed from head to toe in a jumpsuit that’s made to resemble a lion costume. A onesie of this kind can feature an orange fleece suit as well as a dark brown mane to copy the look of a lion as much as possible. Another wondrous quality of these onesies is that they really have a one-size-fits-all guarantee. Anyone as short as 5’0″ or as tall as 6’3″ can comfortably fit inside one of these bad boys. Intended to be both loose and baggy, this lion onesie can be worn outside (if you’re brave enough!) or at home in place of pajamas.

Monkey Onesies

If there’s anything almost as awesome and thematic as lion onesies, it’s monkey onesies. A cuddly fabric made of fleece, it is a one-size-fits-all jumpsuit that is as perfect indoors as it is outdoors. Meant to be loose-fitting as well as baggy, you can wear it to sleep in your bed, or to a cosplay convention or Halloween party. In fact, don’t limit yourself: Wear it everywhere, and see the unpredictable reactions you’ll get from people. Monkey onesies are made from such high-quality material that you can easily wear them many times throughout the year, so feel free to go nuts with them.

Skeleton Onesies

Feeling a little bit down in the dumps? Feeling a little bit like death just came calling? If you want to play Halloween dress-up a tad early this year, there’s always skeleton onesies to get you into the frightful mood well ahead of time. Say goodbye to the cold ever getting into your bones and giving you a death of cold with this warm and cuddly onesie. Featuring black-and-white colors and a one-size-fits-all design scheme, these skeleton onesies are the perfect thing to wear when you’re going out for the night! They are even machine washable so you can keep wearing it all year round, not just near Halloween.

So, are onesies the ultimate mother-daughter wardrobe item? If you and your baby wore matching onesies, then they may well be. However, as we’ve seen from the generous variety in onesie selection, any adult can wear them, too, with many enjoyable effects to follow. This much is clear: Onesies are not just for babies anymore! With adult onesies, people out of diapers can experience the joys of donning a full-body jumpsuit and going out in public in costumes that will turn heads.