Seven Reasons to Consider Ditching Tobacco for Electronic Cigarettes

Have you begun to reconsider traditional cigarettes yet? Have you thought that it may be time to ditch tobacco and switch to something a lot healthier? If you have, you’re like many others. You may be considering electronic cigarettes, and you may even be interested to read e cigarette reviews online. Here are the seven reasons why you should switch to electronic cigarettes today.

No Unpleasant Odor!

Smoke a traditional cigarette full of tobacco, and you’ll reek from its strong odor. This is not pleasant for anyone around you. E cigarettes don’t have this problem since you’re not exhaling any smoke, just pleasant vapor that, additionally, dissipates almost immediately upon exhalation.

Save a Lot of Money!

It isn’t just gas and milk that is getting more expensive. The cost of cigarettes continues to rise as tobacco companies try to turn bigger profits and the government imposes ever-growing taxes on tobacco products. You can save a good deal of money with e cigarettes because they aren’t subject to high taxes or inflation, the main factors that have caused an increase in the price of regular cigarettes.

Regular Cigarettes Are Bad for Your Health

E cigarettes don’t have the traditional problems associated with regular, tobacco-containing cigarettes. Many health risks have been attributed to smoking cigarettes, and by now, everyone knows that smoking tobacco can cause an extensive list of health problems. This has been backed up by solid research and scientific studies ever since the United States Surgeon General’s report on smoking in 1964. Many people who switch to e cigarettes report feeling better almost immediately.

They Are a Lot Safer

It is a lot safer to smoke e cigarettes than traditional cigarettes full of tobacco. By default, lighting up a traditional cigarette can be dangerous since you are igniting tobacco to burn the cigarette. That’s a potential fire hazard, especially if you forget to extinguish your cigarette after you are done smoking. E cigarettes do not use an open flame, so there’s no hazard.

Positive Social Impact

When you switch to e cigarettes, you will notice that many social restrictions will all of a sudden ease up all around you. If you smoke tobacco, you’ve noticed that you were not able to light up in a lot of places, and these restrictions are only getting worse. Electronic cigarettes emit only water vapor, so there is no need for any such restrictions if you smoke an e cigarette.

You Can Actually Quit Smoking!

According to a study published within the peer-reviewed journal called PLOS (published by the Public Library of Science), some 10 percent of folks who tried an e cigarette actually quit smoking tobacco cigarettes! This is great news, as there seems to be an indication that smoking e cigarettes can actually get smokers off their addiction to nicotine.

People Around You Won’t Suffer Second-hand Smoke

Second-hand smoke inhalation has long been thought to be almost as unhealthy as actually smoking cigarettes. With e cigarettes, you won’t exhale any dangerous fumes or smoke, just a vapor that dissipates into the air and leaves no harmful traces.

These are the seven reasons for considering ditching tobacco and transitioning to regular cigarettes. E cigarettes are still relatively new on the market, and many people are still trying to ascertain all of their benefits. However, a few things all of the above benefits have already been confirmed. E cigarettes have revolutionized the pastime of smoking, making it safer for smokers everywhere.