The Academy of Hair Design

The Academy of Hair Design

The Academy of Hair Design is an incredibly unique business specializing in a range of different cosmetological services including barbering and esthetics. It is a full service salon that offers all of the trendy services that are demanded in the twenty-first century.

The Academy of Hair Design is located in the heart of Springfield, Missouri. This location is perfect for students and adults alike. Great pride is taken in the students and the work that they accomplish while studying here. Only the best supplies are used as it is a firm belief that subpar supplies only encourage subpar work. Nobody is satisfied with subpar work!

It should be noted that this establishment is incredibly well loved by students, owners, customers, and charities alike. Though it has only been around since 1995 it has already shown the community its support and love. The Academy of Hair design believes in giving back to the community and that it is a greater joy to give more than to take. That is why they have sponsored and supported a great number of charities in their 20 years of existence. Not only do they believe in the community, but they believe in making the world a better place. In 2011 a project was started to help individuals in Africa with their haircare needs. It is likely not the only major trip that this fine establishment will make to help out individuals in need!

The Academy of Hair Design really believes in helping out everyone that they meet. Students working and studying have been documented as loving the experiences that they have while working at the salon. They truly love the accepting atmosphere and the pace of modern-day salon services. It is not uncommon to watch a series of demonstrations and recreate them at this salon. There are always a series of fun events and friendly banter as you step through the doors at this business in Missouri. The owners at the Academy of Hair Design are personally involved in the training program to ensure that each student performs the services requested to the highest quality possible. This is not only a service to the customer, but a service to the students as well. Though it is at times a painstaking process, all procedures and services are performed accurately and with a great deal of professionalism. As stated above, this academy is truly concerned with ensuring that everyone leaves incredibly happy.

The world is constantly changing and the Academy of Hair Design is always changing with it. Services are modern and the people are polite. Even the newest of hairstyles can be recreated at this salon! Stop by the Academy of Hair Design ( today to see if it is the right fit for all of your personal needs!