The Trek Through the SSDI Maze

The Trek Through the SSDI Maze

Disability law is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of law today. It is not that the laws are changing every day, but that more and more people are filing claims for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). SSDI is not an entitlement program but one that working men and women are able to draw from based on their employment history over the years

What many people do not realize is that now, more than ever, you will need legal representation to get the benefits you are qualified for. Parmele Law recognizes that people’s lives drastically change when the primary source of income becomes permanently disabled through no fault of their own. The longer you wait to file for SSDI, the longer it will take to process the claim. That is why you should start the application process as soon as possible.

There are many reasons for filing an application for disability: a chronic illness that has caused long term complications, a series of work-related injuries that have caused your body to break down, or an unexpected illness that does not allow you to work. There are many more reasons to file an application, and the best qualified people to make that determination are lawyers who specialize in disability claims.

You should have an idea of the general requirements to meet before contacting an attorney. The job or jobs you worked at must have required you to pay Social Security taxes. Second, you must be disabled or expect to be disabled for a minimum of one year. Finally, you must meet the government definition of disabled as determined by the disability review board.

A doctor’s affidavit or other documented evidence about your eligibility to receive SSDI is not sufficient to meet the board’s requirements. The government has their own set of criteria, and not everyone is able to receive SSDI benefits. This is yet another reason to retain competent legal representation.

Finally, you will have to be patient for your application to be processed. This could take up to two years or longer. During this time you will likely be interviewed by government appointed physicians and psychologists. Appointments must be kept, otherwise you may delay your application or have it denied without an option for appeal.

As you can see, the process for obtaining SSDI benefits is lengthy and will require patience. Having a legal advocate at your side is a tremendous advantage. Social Security Disability attorneys such as those at the Parmele Law Firm use their knowledge of disability law, along with their compassionate hearts, to zealously advocate for their clients and inspire hope in the community.