Tips for Displaying Art in Your Home

Tips for Displaying Art in Your Home

Decorating your home can be one of the most challenging things in regards to home maintenance.  You have to utilize what you have or buy new things and then try and configure them in such a way that it is pleasing to the eye and hopefully can be arranged in a way that the artwork will remain undamaged.

The most obvious way to display artwork is with frames.  Framing paintings, portraits, your children’s artwork, etc. is a very simple thing to do.  You can either go to a craft or framing store to get identical frames or you can purchase many different frames for a more eclectic look.  Lots of people like to have lots of different shaped frames, often collected from secondhand shops, and then they paint them all the same color for a more streamline, but still unique look.

If you struggle with arranging your framed artwork, so that it is hung proportionally without sitting in a straight line than you can rest assured that there are plenty of ideas of how to hang your artwork on the internet.  You can also always call a friend with a better eye to help you set things up.  And don’t be afraid to lay everything out on the floor in front of the wall to really get an idea of how it might look once it is moved to the wall. One thing that can make a wonderful piece of art stand out is making sure you have proper lighting to protect and enhance your investment. You can talk with someone at Hansen Lighting to make sure you get exactly what is needed.

Home-Interior-Design-IdeasShelves are another great way to display artwork.  You can display all types of artwork on shelves.  You can rest pictures on shelves, use flowers as art, place sculptures and snow globes on the shelves.  Books and book ends can easily become art on shelves.  You can use book shelves and floating wall shelves or choose one kind.  Shelves help to add some extra dimension to your room and to your décor.

Be sure to have surfaces in your décor.  Surfaces are great places to display art and often these furniture pieces can become art themselves.  A buffet table can be antiqued to match your style and have art placed upon it.  A piano can become the resting place of family pictures, beautiful sculptures, or hand made pottery pieces.  A sofa table can display beautiful books, vases, bowls, sculptures, pictures, etc.

If you insert hooks into your ceiling you can easily hang artwork securely.  These pieces can be very fun to look at and can really make a statement.  You could even just hang flowers if you prefer.

There are so many different ways to display your art.  Determining which way to display it is really just a matter of sitting down and thinking about the art you have the art you plan on getting and figuring out the best way to put it all together.  Sometimes you have to wait until you have it all in front of you and keep arranging it until you have the perfect look that fits your personality and you home well.  Displaying artwork is really not as hard as it seems.