Who says community service has to be boring?

Who says community service has to be boring?

Whatever you love to do for fun can benefit your community.

If your passion is in the kitchen:

• Have a cooking party with your friends and save calories by donating the bounty to your local soup kitchen.
• Organize a neighborhood block party and invite everyone to bring traditional cultural dish or secret family recipe.
• Hold a tea party for elderly neighbors to reminisce about the good old days.

If your not afraid to let your geek flag fly:

• Hook your elderly neighbors up with email so they can stay in touch with friends and family.
• Bring your gaming system and hold a rock band party at a community center.
• Have a board game night at a half-way house and bring snacks!
• Collect vintage records and organize a music/dance night at a local retirement home.

If you love the great outdoors:

• Plan a clean up and grave stone rubbing event at a local cemetery.
• Hold a spring cleaning party for a disabled or elderly person in your community.
• Hold a scavenger hunt for bottles and cans. Turn them in for the deposit and donate the money to your favorite local charity.
• Organize a themed benefit walk and according to the season have ghouls, elves or leprechauns follow participants to the pot of gold at the finish line.

If you consider yourself crafty:

• Host a variety show at a retirement home.
• Knit hats and gloves for a homeless shelter.
• Inspire local businesses to donate prizes and sponsor a book report contest at your local library to promote literacy
• Match up a local business with an animal rescue league for a day long pet adoption event.
• Cruise the neighborhood on trash day to find unloved furniture. After some creative refurbishing donate the pieces to a local charity.
• Have Christmas in July! Recruit an army of Secret Santa elves and hold a party complete with wrapped gifts at your local women’s shelter.
• Organize a neighborhood phone tree to chat up home-bound neighbors several times a week.
• Chaperon a field trip for students from a cosmetology school to a women’s shelter for a day of beauty.

Everyone has passion and skills. Register yours with your local library and offer to hold classes or donate tutoring. Or, be a community coordinator. Investigate your neighbors’ talents and needs to facilitate connections in the community or do something like donate your car.
What else do you think is fun and who can you share it with? Whatever you love to do, there is someone in your community that needs more fun in their life and would love to do it with you!