Why Do You Need a Fast Internet Speed?

internet speed conceptual meter

So, you might have an Internet connection that chugs along but lags from time to time. You can deal with that, right? Well, when you sit down and think about it (or if you are looking for a new Internet service provider and are trying to land a service that can work for what you need), you really do need a fast Internet connection. It is all about what you need to do and what is going to take place with your Internet service. So, while you might not think you need a fast Internet, truth be told, without a fast Internet connection there is very little you can actually do online.

Video Streaming

Video streaming uses a large amount of data and, in order to view the content without it looking blurry or out of focus, you need to have a fast Internet connection. Without a quality Internet connection, it is going to look inferior, stop, slow down every few seconds, give you a “buffering” icon and cause all sorts of problems. This doesn’t even need to be for a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. It can be the little YouTube videos you watch or the content people share on Facebook. Video online is one of the largest bandwidth drains online, so in order to access the information you wish to view with your Internet connection, you need to consider the Verizon in Warwick service.


Have you ever noticed at certain times of the day your Internet connection seems to slow down. Why is that? Well, it probably has nothing to do with the content you are looking up. After all, the videos or other sites you looked up a few hours early might have played fine. This is what happens when a large number of individuals on the same connection line as you are using the Internet at once. It doesn’t mean a bunch of people in your house, but instead, if most of the Internet consumers in your neighborhood use the same service provider and are online at once (like after work), it can affect your Internet speed. If you already have a slow Internet connection, this bottleneck issue can cause further problems.


Online gaming requires more speed than any other Internet service out there, and if you like to play any kind of online game, whether it is on your computer or console, you need to use the Verizon in Warwick service for faster speeds.